This planing be beta gaming I am new GM but been player over 15 years and planning to be skype game.Link above is more info on game system.

In the warehouse your group hears off in the distance men arguing off in the distance. One says “Are you insane?! If this goes bad we’re all dead.” “Don’t worry by now this is a perfect plan. We have five barrels we also got the blueprints and semantics. We also surveyed the area and know the guards patrol routes. This will work okay.” says the other man with fear and trepidation in his voice.

2200 hrs. At the Fayetteville water reserve two vans pull up a total of five men exit the vehicle and put out five barrels one of the guys asked “What was in the barrels?” “Ever heard of a drug called bath salts?” “You’re talking about crap that you put into your bathtub.” “No dude is a new synthetic drug that came out of Europe. Beside the highly addictive also calls cannibalism as much as we don’t aspects into the water supply. This whole town will be like a zombie horror movie.” “That pretty twisted say” the man. “It doesn’t matter it needs to be done for the cause.”

1300 hrs. Sunday the Robinson household as just returned from church. Mr. Robinson 47 years old as a complaining feeling ill since Friday and constantly hungry. Mrs. Robinson 45 years old has been feeling the same way but still continues to go out to see the neighbors for Sunday dinner. As they are eating supper, Mr. Robinson excuses himself to go up to the bathroom. In the bathroom he looks in the mirror he notices his eyes all bloodshot. As not like he’s tired or anything like all the blood vessel in his eyes as busted. At this point he hears a gut wrenching scream. As he rushes downstairs he sees his neighbor laying on the ground twitching as he walks around the corner of the dining room table. He sees his wife gorging herself on the squirming guts of neighbor. Instead of being horrified at the scene he saw, he became extremely hungry, almost psychotically, as he witness his wife ripping apart the next-door neighbor guts and devouring them.
Mr. Robinson proceed to kneel down next to his wife and stuffed his face In the gooey flesh.

1500 hrs. Tuesday Department of Defence “How bad is the situation?” “Over 95% of the town has been affected and quarantined procedures as been implemented.” “So the media has been told it is a routine training exercise solutions. The plan is send in a strike force to assess the situation locates a terrorist group and cleanses the town.”

The mission